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We are a fully-equipped, full-service hot-water commercial pressure washing company. However, we also have multiple mobile cleaning units that we operate throughout the day to service Boynton Beach’s residential pressure washer market. The exterior cleaning services we offer are specialized and studied by our highly-trained technicians. This allows us to provide you with the best and most thorough experience. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We know that what we clean eventually gets dirty again. We want to make you feel so satisfied with our service that you’ll be compelled to call us again to have us come back and recommend us to friends. For any questions regarding our pressure washing services feel free to give the Sunrise Roofing & Cleaning office a call at 561-513-7833.

House Washing

Boynton Beach’s humid climate and heat make it a perfect environment for mold and algae to thrive. Sunny Pressure Washing employs only low-pressure, “soft-washing,” methods to clean your home. This method ensures the thorough removal of pests such as mold and algae. We will never damage your home, and that’s the best part! Our cleaning products and detergents can effectively restore stucco brick, Hardiplank vinyl, aluminum and other materials to their original beauty.

Roof Cleaning

Boynton Beach roofs, just like other exteriors of homes are susceptible to mold spores landing on them. They spread until the roof becomes covered with black streaks and stains. Low-pressure roof cleaning techniques will kill all mold spores and return your roof to its original condition without the need to spend a penny more. Your roof will never be cleaned with pressure. Our 12volt soft wash system ensures that your roof is cleaned with the best cleaning agents. It is never in danger.

Sidewalk/Driveway Cleaning

It’s easy to see that your driveway occupies half of your front yard. Our three-step method of cleaning your driveway and our state-of-the-art equipment combine to clean your property in a quick, efficient manner.

Gutter Cleaning

It is important to remember that clogged gutters can cause serious problems for homeowners. Clogged gutters or downspouts can cause rotting wood near your roofline, mosquito breeding, and can jeopardize the integrity and longevity of your roof system. Our technicians will remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts safely and effectively. We will also make sure that rainwater flows freely around the property.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can bring many benefits to you and your family. You will enjoy a cleaner, brighter environment.

Pressure Washing Services

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Soft Roof Power Washing

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